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Shooting in Honolulu

Production skills unmatched in the tropics  
Well over 70 features
and some 700 hours of TV
speak to Honolulu’s experience.

Broadly knowledgeable crews, top gear, an LA-style soundstage and extraordinary airline connections combine to make Honolulu, O‘ahu the most accessible film ready venue in the tropics. Of course the personnel and equipment are on-site, amidst hundreds of square miles that duplicate the looks of Africa, Central and South America, and Southeast Asia. Oceania, too. Most recently, the North Shore and Windward side of O‘ahu stood in for Saipan, in the monumental John Woo film, Windtalkers, a World War II action epic due for 2001 release.

Honolulu also provides support services that include direct shipping, transportation, rolling stock, aerial capabilities, catering and all the amenities of a major American city. Kinko’s is never far. Starbucks is even closer. AT&T, Sprint, Verizon and Voice Stream are all deeply vested. Kodak has a facility here. So does Otto Nemenz.
All in a paradise with locations for directors and logistics for producers.