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The Honolulu Film Office

Free Service and Expertise from the Honolulu Film Office
Call the Honolulu Film Office first when considering any project with tropical or ocean settings. This is a full service agency which provides facilitation at the level producers have come to expect from the top members of the Association of Film Commissioners International.

You can draw on the commissioner's extensive knowledge and deep experience with projects large and small to assist you from the development stage to the wrap.

The staff can connect you to valuable resources and gladly shares the information with Aloha.

Beyond the photographic resources provided by this web site, the office prepares extensive hard copy visual presentations of locations. Our library currently houses literally thousands of images. 

Of course, the staff also does permits and cuts the red tape. Beyond film friendly. We're film ready. 

The Honolulu Film Office Deals with Projects of All Sizes
The Honolulu Film Office deals daily with every size production from around the world. From the smallest documentary crew to Jerry Bruckheimer and Michael Bay on Pearl Harbor.   

We pride ourselves in understanding the diverse logistical needs of Hollywood features, episodic television, Japanese commercials and European ENG documentary units, to name a few. It's just something you pick up when you work with hundreds of crews from the four corners of the globe.

Walea L. Constantinau
Film Commissioner
Honolulu Film Office
City and County of Honolulu
530 South King Street, Suite 306
Honolulu, Hawai'i 96813

Tel: 808 768-6108
Fax: 808 768-6102