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Locating Resources

Honolulu is a production center, not just a location, so you can shoot your tropical film without having to ship tons of gear to far reaches of the world. Everything you need to make movies is here, including people in every discipline of the craft, some with 20 years of experience and more on big shows. We are way beyond film friendly. We're film ready.  

On-Line Production Directory   
Need a production coordinator who knows everyone? Or a location manager with a photographic memory and great files? This is your link to the Hawai‘i Production Index, the most comprehensive crew, equipment and production resource guide in the islands. 

Links to Industry Contacts  
Connect here to other Honolulu production web sites including the neighbor island film commissioners, the state film office and their Hawai‘i Film Studio, and other sites that will facilitate your project.

Permit Information   
Here's complete information on procedures, the facts and data you need to prepare applications, and the pertinent documents for applying for film permits and renting specialized city equipment.  

Weather Information   
Here are specific charts and graphs covering temperatures, rainfall, sunrise and sunset hours, tides and surf data.   

Here are island-wide and regional maps to help you stay oriented while reviewing location stills, and planning logistics.