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Finding Locations

There are hundreds of pictures on this site which demonstrate the tropical diversity of Honolulu. Our island home duplicates the wilderness terrain and appearances of Africa, Central and South America, Southeast Asia and Oceania. Mountains, jungles and deserted beaches abound. Oahu has neighborhoods that look like China, The Philippines and Latin America. All conveniently located near a clean, modern world-class city that just happens to be next to a world-class resort. 

Location Finder    
This is the search engine for our dynamic database of location photography. Here you can search the images on the site by category or region of the island. Images are added frequently, so information is up-to-date.

Location Viewer   
This is a summary page for each image, providing a good overview of the location.  A variety of formats is available when using the Viewer, including photographs that are panoramic in character, with panning controls that can show you perspectives as much as 360. The Viewer also provides for downloadable, printable PDF documents, ready for presentation.

You can write and save your comments on each Viewer page, then e-mail your observations about specific images or locations to colleagues. 

Location Folder  
This part of the site allows you to save images that you have pulled from the database in a private, electronic Location Folder. You can automatically e-mail the URL of the folder to your colleagues in a private message and let them access all the images and notes you've made over the web. And they can comment and respond back to you.