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Below you’ll find the permit application forms and information documents necessary to complete them. Forms are available in two formats, Microsoft Word and Adobe Acrobat PDF.

new HonFilm_Application.doc This is the two page film permit application form. You will be able to fill in the fields and save the document for your files, to update and/or to modify it."


This is page two of the application form above. Page two allows you to list a maximum of 6 additional locations if all the information is identical including dates and times. Submit a separate page two for each location if there are any variations.


Use the information on this page to complete 2e of the application form.


Use this to describe volunteer services provided if item E in section 2e is selected.
HonFilm_Application_Pkg.pdf This is a complete package in print-only format. It contains the two page application form as well as the Fee Schedule and Volunteer Services documents.
HonFilm Information.pdf This file contains general information about filming in Honolulu including Pre-approved Permit Guidelines, insurance requirements barricade request procedures, Honolulu Police Department and Honolulu Fire Department information.
  • The Word documents are files you can fill in on your computer and save the changes.
  • The PDF format of the application is provided as an option for those who do not have Word. It allows you to print a hard-copy of the two page application form. The PDF document cannot be filled in on your computer. Please use the Word documents whenever possible.

The other PDF documents contain important information and guidelines about filming in Honolulu. They describe the Pre-approved and Standard permit guidelines, insurance requirements and fees. Please download these for your reference.

  • If you are using Word, please complete the application forms then save and EMAIL them as attachments to the film office at . Print, sign and FAX hard-copies to the film office at (808) 768-6102 .
  • If you are using the PDF form, please print, complete, sign and fax the form to the film office at (808) 768-6102. Please type the formation. Hand written forms are often hard to read and may delay the permitting process.
  • Forms cannot be finalized without a signature (digital typefaces may not be used as a substitute for a signature).

If you have any questions, please contact the film office at:

Phone: (808) 768-6108
Fax: (808) 768-6102

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